our story

When Pink Hygiene entered the washroom services market in May 2014, we knew we wanted to offer something completely new and different.

For years, washroom servicing had gone almost unseen, with customers rarely knowing much about the company they used or the quality and standards maintained. The idea of a fully accountable service that provided guaranteed reliability was unheard of.

We decided to change this, and took a technology and client led approach from day one. We wanted to prove that things could be done differently and better, and that this benefitted not just the client, but wider society too.

For us, corporate social responsibility and a commitment to our people and the environment were non-negotiables. We wanted to be much more than just another company operating in the hygiene sector; we wanted to lead by example and show how we could achieve success without comprising our values and beliefs.

This ambitious goal led to us also deciding that whatever happened in the future, we would donate a percentage of every contract won to the charity Breast Cancer Now (previously known as Breakthrough Breast Cancer). The heartbreaking story of Barbara Speck, the aunt of one of our founders, meant for us this was personal.

Our commitment to social causes and the environment was mirrored by our commitment to providing an unrivalled top quality service to our clients. We worked hard, kept our promises, and were rewarded by becoming one of very few independent companies to be awarded both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditations. We also were awarded Safe Contractor and WAMITAB (waste management) accreditations, and were recognised by the Living Wage Foundation as a responsible and caring employer.

We developed our Pinky Promise to show our clients how we guaranteed our service to them, and all the while we continued to disrupt the industry by challenging the long held norms of the incumbent players. Whether it was through the use of innovative technology, such as our barcode based Intelligent Servicing, or through the introduction of greater environmental protections and products, we never rested. And we still don’t. 

Today we are proud (and incredibly grateful) to have grown to become the number one choice for washroom services in the South East of England, with more than 1,000 clients across numerous sectors. But our commitment to continual improvement, higher levels of service, and corporate social responsibility remains as strong as ever. 

And we know our success wouldn’t have been possible without our team; the brilliant men and women who are part of our family, and make a positive difference every day. We love them all. 

Our journey is far from over, and we look forward to the coming months and years, and working with other amazing people and businesses in the future. We hope you join us. 

Let us transform your washroom service experience. We don’t just say we will, we guarantee it. 

Call or email our friendly team today to discuss your washroom servicing needs and our Pinky Promise.